Mission Statement
The World Food Trace (WFT)’s mission is to help ensure that safe food is on your table and unsafe food is not. WFT utilizes and supports the application of technology to improve food safety in the global food supply chain. WFT seeks cooperation between the food industry, affiliated organizations, governments, and educational institutions to achieve solutions for food safety challenges that provide positive results for all through innovation, fairness and integrity.

Our Leadership Team

Paul Nowicki
President & Co-founder

Paul is able to blend tactical execution with strategic direction. He is a BS and MS Chemical Engineer with demonstrated business results in strategic planning, solution definition, and program execution. Most recently employed by Rockwell Automation, Paul acquired a reputation for leading, mentoring, motivating, and team building in product marketing, software development, and application engineering. Paul demonstrates high personal and professional standards and values innovation, fairness, integrity, and loyalty.

Dennis Brandl
Board Member, Technical & Business viewpoint

Dennis is President of BR&L Consulting, a business serving manufacturing IT and business-to-business integration needs. He has been an instructor in manufacturing IT, PLM (Product Life-cycle Management) for the process industries, batch control systems, business-to-manufacturing integration, validation, and regulated industry compliance for the past 15 years. Dennis is the author of the WBF (World Batch Forum) BatchML and B2MML XML schema standards for batch control system information and business to manufacturing integration. He also wrote Design Patterns for Flexible Manufacturing and regularly contributes to industry publications. With his background, Dennis has a strong understanding of the technical aspects the WFT solution rests upon.
See BRLconsulting.com

Donald Fraser
Board Member, Sales & Business viewpoint

Don is a Sr. MES Consultant at Jacobs Consultancy. Prior to Jacobs, he was responsible for business development and regional sales at Rockwell Automation and Foxboro respectively. Don is adept at identifying and exposing the economic value in the manufacturing supply chain and conveying a solution focus in sales environments. Don has the ability to take complex subjects, organize information and present clear conclusions and recommendations.
See Jacobs.com

Rudy Westervelt
Board Member, Manufacturing Facility viewpoint

Rudy is President of Power In Learning, a consulting company oriented towards building team success. Rudy draws on his years of hands-on experience as a General Manager of Kroger dairies. He has a clear understanding of how to run a profitable operation and always seeks ways to improve. Rudy has consistently provided a “reality check” to options and considerations as the WFT solution has developed. Rudy was instrumental in the pilot activities and can help bridge the gap between a good idea on paper and the actual application in a facility.
See Power In Learning