Food can be strategically traced quickly and completely when there is a possible health issue. Originating sources can be identified and targeted recalls can pinpoint only truly impacted products. Food components can be traced to the countries of origin. There is a simple, low cost solution to help create a safer global food supply chain.

World Food Trace, Inc. is a non-profit company dedicated to creating an instantaneously traceable global food supply chain. WFT supports a simple food tracking standard and registry system which enables the industry to link all elements of the food supply chain together with only non-proprietary information. WFT defines a Global ID, simple record system and architecture of data centers. This food traceability system is open to all information technology providers in order to keep costs low for the industry and encourages integration with private tracking systems. WFT is a tool for both private company and public agency efforts to ensure safe food is on your table and unsafe food is not.