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Be a Leader in Food Safety!
Become a founding member of the World Food Trace network. As part of the effort to bring Internet speed to global food traceability, World Food Trace, Inc. is offering two programs to help companies experience global food traceability within their own plant environment.

Charter Membership - A limited number of companies are invited to be Charter members in the WFT System. Charter members will have the opportunity to help make the WFT System a tool that is “by the industry and for the industry.” Charter members will receive:
•Lifetime World Food IDs - Members get World Food IDs that are exempt from annual renewal fees. Registered IDs form the foundation of the WFT System’s capability to link food products.
•WFT Record Storage - Charter members choose one of two options for data storage service. You can get 2 years free data storage of all traceability records supported by a licensed WFT database. Or you can have a one-year license to operate your own data storage using our database/web interface software.
•Charter Rollout - Prior to the WFT System going industry wide, Charter members will have the opportunity to implement the system as a focus group. This allows Charter members to have a direct impact on how the system will work so that it meets the needs of the industry.

Food Trace Pilot - This program allows food manufacturers to see first-hand how the World Food Traceability System can be incorporated into their current operations with minimum effort and join other leading food processors in a proactive action to address food safety today. The Food Trace Pilot Program consists of:
•Analysis - An initial selection and evaluation of the processing facility for piloting traceability.
•Record keeping adjustment - Using existing record keeping practices, develop a plan for tracing all component materials to output lines with the objective of high efficiency and minimal impact on operations.
•On-site trial - The on-site trial will include labeling of ingredient goods, setup of product labeling, processing with modified record keeping, database upload of traceability records, and a summary evaluation.

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Immediate Benefits to Charter WFT Members
With food safety and quality the top priority, the food industry is searching for a definitive solution. Proprietary systems abound and only require that “everyone buy my software product”. Individual food segment solutions are under investigation but fail as soon as the food chain crosses into another segment. The World Food Traceability System offers the only cross segment, low cost solution that does not require a proprietary system install in every manufacturer and does not capture or expose confidential company information. It is the only global system being driven directly by the industry to fully address the traceability issue while having the lowest burden on all elements of the food supply chain. By participating in this program, founding members will be up-to-date on the latest efforts to solve this food safety issue and can help review drafts of the guidance documentation. Members can directly impact the global solution for food traceability. Being among the leaders in establishing the next generation system for enhanced global food safety and security will provide valuable company visibility and important marketing benefits for participating members.

On-going Benefits of WFT
•Instant Recall – by maintaining a global database that supports backward traceability of suspected food products to find common sources, and forward traceability of suspected sources to areas of distribution.
•Pinpoint Recall – since specific lots are tracked, recalls can be limited and directed to the specific impacted production runs and locations.
•Country of Origin – with the World Food ID's embedded country of origin associated with all packages of food or component ingredients, the system will provide immediate indication of the supply country for products so authorities can collaborate with food representatives of associated countries quickly and decisively.
•Easy Integration – the World Food ID can be easily integrated as a single field into existing logistical information systems that might be providing tracking is a section of the supply chain.