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Implementing Food Traceability Today
How to leverage your GS1 investment to deliver global traceability at the speed of an Internet search

Executive Summary

Many studies and standards call out the requirements of traceability, but the hard work of implementing a traceability solution is left as an exercise for the reader. Recent recalls clearly show that the industry needs comprehensive food traceability across the entire food chain, not just within individual food sectors, in order to protect markets and maintain consumer confidence. This paper illustrates the most focused approach to implementing food traceability at the lowest possible cost to the industry. We discuss the fundamental constructs of a food trace system that will address the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act and show you how you can leverage your existing investment in GS1 standards to create a system that can provide instantaneous tracing for your business benefit. World Food Trace, Inc. a non-profit organization dedicated to food safety - is offering this solution to visionary leaders associated with the food industry and is asking for your engagement to drive this approach forward.

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